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 About me

I am a ceramic sculptor working predominately in clay, however lately I’ve been exploring the use of mixed media within my work.  My sculptural pieces are inspired by natural forms in the world such as intricate crustaceans in the oceans, curves in garden squash, and patterns in wasps nests. Using wheel-thrown and slab techniques, I construct work that is a response to studying various environmental forms. Texture and patterns are a crucial aspect of my work; applying thick slip, oxides, and glazes to finish the surface.


 In functional work, I am drawn to classic shapes with minimal surface embellishment, finishing surfaces with simple shades of white. Working with other artists and sharing the ceramic conversation is an important part of my journey.  I have been teaching ceramics in an established studio for over twenty-five years.

Contact me 

  • Arts Council of Princeton
  • Princeton Artist Alliance
  • Instagram
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